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INA Securities is a newly formed Company. This company was incorporated on 3rd December, 2008 with the main objective to provide services of brokerage in stocks, shares and securities. However, its memorandum and Articles of Association permits it to engage in the business of brokerage of Commercial Papers, Securities, Modaraba Certificates, Bonds Obligations, Debentures, Debenture-Stocks, Foreign Exchange Bearer https://bstdating.com/ Certificates, Treasury Bills any financial instrument under license or with the permission or approval of any recognized association, authority, Stock Exchange or other market whether in Pakistan or abroad.

Incorporation of the company (INA Securities (Pvt) Ltd.) is actually a conversion of sole membership of (Kh. Imtiaz Ahmed) to a corporate membership. Khwaja Imtiaz Ahmed is the major share holder of this Company and shall act as the Chief Executive of the company. He is a member of Lahore Stock Exchange (G) Ltd., since 1979 and having more than 29 years of brokerage experience on his credit.

Besides the brokerage experience of Kh. Imtiaz Ahmed, Chief Executive INA Securities (Pvt) Ltd., he is a prominent figure in the business community with a rich experience in the business of Glass Industry, Baking Industry and Gelatine manufacturing for the last 40 years.

INA Securities (Pvt) Ltd., shall also be benefited with the ze https://bstrencontre.fr/ al of an energetic and foreign qualified Director Khawaja Ahmed Hassan S/o Khwaja Imtiaz Ahmed.

This Company, with competent board of directors will serve the public in brokerage business (as narrated above) in professional and transparent manner.